Have you ever been proposed to a little too quickly? It’s usually not a good sign. And I can promise you it definitely isn’t in this case.

In other news I’m still hard at work crafting the year two arc, which actually won’t start until the end of October. I will admit to being derailed a bit this weekend however after viewing:

6 Days to Air: Behind the Scenes of HumancentiPad

Back when I was a board artist working on Home Movies I remembered a  scene I worked on that had me laughing out loud as I worked out the sequence. It was a moment that after watching the 6 Days to Air documentary brought those memories flooding back to me like a brick to the face. This was torture for me as I realized it’s been some time since I’ve laughed like that over something I was working on.

Now I know better than to spend too much time comparing what I’m doing to the genius that Trey Parker and Matt Stone produce on such a consistent basis, but what an inspiration to watch that group at work doing what they do.

Maybe the moral of the story is I just need some more bathroom humor.

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