Have you ever wondered what your pet might say to you if you had the opportunity to speak to one another? Did you imagine their first words to you would be to express gratitude for all you have done to take care of them? I’m guessing that this is more wishful thinking on our parts.

I’d imagine it’s much more likely that you would hear complaining about negligence,  threats to hand you over to the authorities due to the abuse they are enduring in your care. Not because there is any actual hardship, but more because you can reach those treats on the top most shelf that’s been out of their reach for years, and its clear to them that they now have the power to get those “rewards” whenever the mood strikes.

Well this is the world Tony now lives in. Except these two have some baggage to deal with. If you’re curious you can check out the new bios I put up in the TENANTS link.


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