(UPDATE:  It was my birthday this past week so this weekend was full of friends filling me with drinks which means I didn’t get a chance to finish Monday’s strip. But don’t fret, I will have Monday’s post this Wednesday morning.)


The summer is here! How do I know this? Not because I have been out to experience this wonderful time of the year, but because everyone on facebook posted their pool and beach photos this weekend. Facebook is evil…  if you haven’t yet,  make sure to go to the Elmsfield Facebook Page and give the page a like, it will help me to feel better about the existence of Facebook this summer.

I need to get out more…

So in other Elmsfield news I’m working away at writing year two of Elmsfield. I’m pretty excited so far. There is lots of potential fun in store for Tony, Lomax and crew. It’s a much more streamlined narrative that should hopefully take advantage of what I’ve started to build.

Next week: Tony’s old friend pays a visit.

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